Craigslist Re-design

Full Case Study


Here you can see a overview of what we accomplished in our brief.

  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • UX Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data Points
  • Surveys
  • 1:1 Interviews
  • Personas
  • User Journey
  • UX Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Opportunities

Heuristic Evaluation

Our heuristics are the values we desire for our product. We share these with our team, in order to keep everyone on the same page. Therefore anything we develop is working based on the same sentiment.

We found our heuristics to be..

  • Inspire - The current interface wasn't providing a environment conducive to exploration. We want to provide fewer steps to find the users desired category and increase natural discovery.
  • Confidence - The current posting constraints were lacking. Resulting in inconsistent post quality. Through more extensive posting criteria we can provide more consistency. Which lends benefit to all our heuristics.
  • Credibility - Very little transparency tends to cause distrust between buyers and sellers. Less anonymity on seller profiles allow us to add a human element and make it safer for users to transact.
  • Trust - Users currently feel unsupported. Through more easily accesible customer service, FAQ's and improved spam filtering we believe we can increase the sense of trust users feel on our platform.

UX Audit

Within out audit we examine the current interface is doing well and decide what is most directly negatively affecting the users experience.

  • Navigation - Well bucketed links, easily distinguishable
  • Right sidebar links - Easy to navigate only once user has been acclimated to system. Doesn't inspire exploration.
  • Left sidebar links - Prime real estate and unobtrusive. Not a priority, space could be used better.
  • My Account - Not a clear indication of weather user is logged in or how to how to create new account.
  • Search Bar - Feature is in prime page real estate. Although, does not have a clear call to action. No search button at all.
  • Calender - The ability to view events based on dates is a a helpful feature, in this case you must know what the feature does in order to utilize it, being that there is no clear indication as to what it does.

Competitive Analysis

Within our competitive analysis we look in and outside of our vertical for 10's or 20's of interfaces inspiration. We then decide our "best in class". This is someone that has clearly mapped out common browsing pain points and developed simple but innovative solutions for them.

We decided our "best in class" was

Things we admire

  • Personality
  • Great Visual Appeal
  • All Links Are Accessible But Tucked Away
  • Prominent Search Bar
  • Map Filters
  • High Quality Listings
  • Structured Information / Product Details
  • Easy To Get Lost In In The Experience
  • Personality

Some Data

This info graphic shows that over 100 businesses have been born solely on the account of expanded upon features where has left off.

This helped us find that...


  • Indeed - Job Postings
  • Airbnb - Peer To Peer Rentals
  • Elance - Freelance Jobs
  • Etsy - Home made Product Market Place
  • Gazelle - E-commerce Platform For Used Electronics
  • Kickstarter - Crowdfunding
  • Skillshare - Class Hosting
  • Seatgeek - Ticket Re-sale Platform

Survey Results

Buying And Job Search Are Very Important To Users
Majority Utilize The Ability To Buy And Sell On

Our Personas

Jerry uses our platform to browse. We put him through the task of Finding A Rental Property and his immediat response was poor resolution photos and some listings with none at all.
Mary uses our platform to sell goods. She is self employed so it's very important to her. When we asked her to Post To Classifieds she responded with "So many steps!" Aggravated at the process she felt became redundant.

User Journey Session

Within in our user journey we sat with our participant and allowed them to give us unfiltered feedback as they navigated through our platform. To allow the ideas to flow without restriction or bias, us at moderators don't give input. We just track feedback and responses.

We collected some amazing ideas, that provided guidance moving forward.

Some new ideas

  • Resection navigation
  • Clear call to action to "Create New Account"
  • Internal messaging amongst buyers and sellers
  • One click to contact support
  • Section to access FAQ's

So many good ideas, so we put them on a matrix to prioritize.

UX Strategy



Information Architecture

We are able to develop proposed flows by compiling all the feedback we received and seeing what fat we can trim to ease user pain points

We are always a open set of ears to what the user wants...

Existing flow - 11 steps

Proposed Flow - 5 Steps

Low Hanging Fruit

Goals to take action with now!

Phasing In

Awesome opportunities down the road!

So what did we accomplish?

Validated our idea

A imperative first step. We had to make sure we were solving a real problem.

Found user pain points

Through extensive research we found what problems users are having so we can better solve them.

Created research backed designs

Beautiful for sure. Functional without a doubt.

Approached with a user centric mindset

We never make a decision without backing it up with feedback from our users.

On Iphone
Kept development in mind

The entire time we wanted to make sure our ideas were viable to be developed and released.

Compressed Images

We took multiple steps of speed optimization to make sure our platform was easily accesssible from any device.

Minified HTML/CSS

Just another way we can improve load times ans increase delight for our users.


Once released we continue to keep a keen eye on what our users are doing, so our revisions are productive and relevant.

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