My Name Is Angelo Zeus...

End to end digital product designer

My Process


Utilizing agile thinking through proven UX processes. We can break down what customers in your vertical need and want before we even start building out.


Taking everything we learned, we can compile and apply to not just create something attractive, but a product that is thoughtful with the user in mind.


Finally, once we have done our research and let our research shape our designs. We can now begin the development process and realize all our hard work.

UX/UI Case Studies


Lead two person team with the concept to create a mobile app to connect parents and their children. Utilizing lean UX, Agile methodologies, MVP sessions, User testing, UX strategy, prototypes and IXD. Winner of C3 Pitch Day.


Devised innovative solutions within a two person team to tackle the redesign of one of the most popular websites in the world. Through extensive research and competitive audits we found the most immediately viable solutions...

Miami Dade Transit

Conducted extensive desk and field research to formulate a solution to a outdated digital ticketing process in Miami Dade County. Ultimately presenting the brief in front of a team of senior designers and developers...

Front End Case Studies

At Home Inn Hotels

Improved user-flow in order to avoid multiple location booking. Concentrated steps in funnel in order to improve native bookings and lower pay out to third party travel sites.

Treasure Coast Super Saver

Developed a customer retention solution for a annual book release. Through relevant content creation throughout the year in order to keep customers engaged and excited for the once yearly product release.

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